Coating Liquid

Coating Liquid production is based on the PS Plate of the required performance. Positive and negative coating liquid are different, in these two kinds of coating liquid, It will be different depend on unlike material selected. Even if the same kind of photosensitive material, also can be made into different photosensitive speed, different wear resistance and viscosity of the coating liquid.

Printing Plate

The PS Plate is also called offset plate, be fit for color or monochrome more sophisticated printing, suitable for lithographic printing machine. Generally reserved the plate can use next time. The printing quality is quite good and precision.

Pesticide intermediates

Agricultural raw materials processing and production of the product, is a combination of two or more substances in the middle of the medium. In the pesticide can be understood as a synergistic agent, is the production of pesticide intermediate materials.

Auto Decoration

Has the effect of auto wheel hub and other parts decoration. It’s effect of the decoration has a direct impact on the car's interior and exterior image. According to the actual situation of the car, based on the principle of beauty, coordination, practical and safe, a targeted select accessories, ensure the decorative effect.

Company Introduction

Jiangsu taiyang chemical technology co., ltd is taixing orient industrial (group) company to invest 2 billion RMB to set up a legal personality independent company in 2012, is located in taixing economic development zone. Combination of the research and development, production and management as a whole.


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