Company Introduction

Jiangsu taiyang chemical technology co., ltd is taixing orient industrial (group) company to invest 2 billion RMB to set up a legal personality independent company in 2012, is located in taixing economic development zone. Combination of the research and development, production and management as a whole. There are three major categories of products: Firstly, production of domestic and foreign advanced PS plate coating liquid 、CTP plate coating liquid and UV-CTP(CTcP) coating liquid. Annual production capacity is 4000 tons. Secondly, research and development production of electronic grade lithography light-sensitive materials. Thirdly, pesticide intermediates------3, 3-DIMETHYL-4-PENTENOIC ACID. Mainly used for pyrethroid intermediates, such as bifenthrin, cyhalothrin, seven cyfluthrin.

It has low toxicity even no residual effect on fruits and vegetables, tea, green plant protection. Meet the standards of high-grade insecticide products the requirements of national industrial policy, the annual production capacity is 5000 ton.

The new established company taiyang chemical technology has a unique chemical professional production base of china top 10 geographical advantages. Environmental protection, safety and fire protection facilities have reached the high requirements of the national petroleum and chemical industry, is a treasure place of production chemical products.

The company hired a number of domestic and foreign experts, set up its own research and development center, has a strong research and development team and has established long-term cooperative relations with foreign countries.

Company traffic is very convenient. From the Changzhou airport, Changzhou high-speed railway station, Wuxi airport, Wuxi high-speed railway station, Yang Tai airport, train station only have an hour's drive. The development zone has a special chemical port, taixing customs, commodity inspection services, and other services department, the operating condition is suitable.

About Us

The name of jiangsu taiyang chemical technology co., ltd come from the China well-known trademark "TaiYang" brand. In oriental industrial (Group) company it has the strong economic base and the best influence. Group members also include“MVP International Trading Co., Ltd.”,"Taixing Dongning Electromechanical Co., Ltd." "Beijing TaiYang Printing Plate Co., Ltd." Production, trade and other business scope expanded make Oriental Industrial Group better integrate with the international world market.

Optimum combination of personnel, establishment research and development center. Advanced production equipment, testing facilities, excellent production, office condition is to consolidate oriental industrial and laid a solid foundation of taiyang.

Enterprise yearbook


Established the Taixing Oriental Industrial Co., Ltd

In 2002

Cooperate with Beijing Normal University established the institute of oriental photographic materials.

In 2002

Built the Beijing branch of coating liquid.

In 2002

Successful hosted the national PS plate industry conference

In 2003

Through the ISO9001-2000 international quality certification system.

In 2003

Develop the low viscosity and solid content of high speed production line.

In 2006

Held a national coating liquid analysis and testing academic training

In 2007

Successful developed the coating solutions for thermal positive CTP plate.

In 2007

“TaiYang” brand trademark was named the Jiangsu province famous trademark.

In 2008

stablished the CTP plate output center in Shanghai and Beijing.

In 2011

Held the national standard committee

In 2011

Our Company CTP coating liquid enterprise standards upgraded to the national industry standard

In 2012

Attend the Drupa.

In 2013

"TaiYang” brand was rated as china well-known trademark.

In 2013

Our company was established a special foreign trade branch.

In 2014

Invest 2 billion yuan established a newly Taixing Technology Company officially put into operation in Taixing economic development zone

Chairman's Statement

Looking back at the past, through 23 years trials and hardships, along the way, has flowers and applause, also has sad and tears. 1993 oriental industrial Co., Ltd is a small factory that has just started. After continuous development and growth to today's group companies, for the industry and society make a due contribution.

With the development of the times, the progress of technology. Especially the world's climate change. For us also go through the same hard times. Even so, we still increase investment、 research and development efforts. Adhere to strict management, continuous innovation, strengthen confidence. Make the taiyang chemical technology co. ltd. Become east Sun, glorious and resplendent.

New taiyang concept: Produce the best product, Sell the lowest price, Be the best service and honesty with the users. Thank you for many years as always concerned about and support of our company.

Warmly welcome all of friends to visit the company guidance and negotiation!