Analysis and management of network application system of photo book

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With the growing popularity of digital cameras, digital image has replaced the traditional film and more generally to fly into the thousands of digital storage devices in, digital image appears to subvert the traditional market models, but in fact it is the past will "shoot output" imaging industry chain expanded to 'shoot - storage - share the production of personalized output". Digital video browsing, convenient storing and sharing, but does not mean that the disappearance of the needs of the image output. Increase of industry chain link actually means more business opportunities, network printing came into being, become the industry's traditional channels of complementary and alternative, is it compressed the printing The living space of the physical store.

In 2006 in the United States listed shutterfly, to be the acquisition of HP after reached the Chinese market click fish (Snapfish), to the domestic, such as "my album", Ying Cai, etc. many emerging network printing service providers completed from the traditional flush to the network of flushing of the commercial mode conversion, in fact, is the printing industry, electronic commerce. With digital printing machine to enter the market of imaging, the material carrier of the image from the more traditional for the production of a single photo is T-shirts, mugs and photo paper, such as steering can carry more digital imaging carrier such as plain paper, specialty paper, stickers, PVC and pet.

So the title of this article I is no longer in use network digital image, photo album, photo, as a keyword, but the photo book is highlighted, in search of the times in the change of the key words is necessary, are also very sensitive to. The author of last year in Baidu and Google search index also can not see the traces of "picture book" or "photobook", but this year the obvious change, not only the index and continue to show an upward trend, as shown in Figure 1. For details, please Baidu Index query.