Troubleshooting paper printing process

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The beiren 05 type printing machine year due to use for a long time, printing often paper wrinkling phenomenon, seriously affect the quality of printing. The author with many years of experience in equipment operation and understanding of equipment and, in the following aspects do appropriate adjustment, the paper wrinkling phenomenon is significantly reduced, printing quality and production efficiency has been greatly improved. Below, the author will these tuning methods and you do to share, hoping to help the industry peers.

1 strictly control the temperature and humidity of workshop

Under normal circumstances, paper into the plant need to first in the paper put a period of time. Before printing 3 ~ 4 days should the paper into the workshop, and strictly control the temperature and humidity of the workshop, in which the temperature should be controlled in 20 ~ 25 degrees centigrade and humidity should be control in 50% ~ 60%. Therefore, my unit through to car hit partition walls and houses the ceiling to enhance the shop closed, air-conditioning use of high power to regulate the workshop temperature, in the dry season by watering in the workshop to adjust the humidity in the workshop.

2 with the printing with paper cutting

The paper crease, multiple was born in white board paper, coated paper and individual quantitative lower paper. The reason is the paper in the printing process moisture, resulting in wrinkling around the paper, thus affecting the printing register or cause rules inconsistent, delay the production tasks to complete. I unit as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, take the don't cut the paper in advance, with the printing with paper cutting measures to prevent the paper from the wind tight side phenomenon. And if the paper has undergone a tight side phenomenon, through the paper Diao mouth parts knock paper method to reduce wrinkling degree.

3 adjust the conveyer belt and press wheel elastic

Due to the paper is in the under the tape and wheel pressure transmission and move forward, so lost tape and wheel pressure tightness affect paper smoothness, while paper only in a flat state into wiggler, to maximize the reduce the occurrence of paper wrinkling phenomenon, so to adjust and correct transmission and paper tape and wheel pressure tightness.

4 adjust the swing teeth pad

Oscillating teeth pad will due to wear and not smooth, then swing teeth in the gripper will lead to local uneven phenomenon appeared in the paper. When the paper is passed to the nano imprint lithography drum, paper is not smooth parts in the rubber roller pressure, prone to fold to a fixed point. Therefore machine desk staff to always check whether the formation of dental pad printing machine of the wiggler.

5 adjust the embossing drum tooth row

Printing machine service life are relatively long, nano imprint lithography drum tooth row will appear Diao uneven paper, paper under the pressure, in the drag and shoot at will appear irregular folds. To solve this problem, replaceable nano imprint lithography drum tooth row of the gripper, and then adjust the tightness of the tooth row of, the consistent.

6 adjustment of printing pressure

In the printing machine during the operation, when the paper wrinkling phenomenon, should try to reduce the printing pressure, can reduce the degree of paper wrinkling.