2016 China (Shanghai) International Printing Week activities

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By the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, print issue of our guidance, China Printing Technology Association, the Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau organized the "2016 China (Shanghai) International Printing week" is from 9 to 12 March at the National Exhibition Centre (Shanghai) opened the curtain.

After years of development, China (Shanghai) International Printing week of scale and brand influence continues to expand, the current printing week where the 2H Museum, an exhibition area of nearly 2.7 million square meters, booth number a total of 1134. Print this week will be "innovation, integration, development" as the theme, continue to uphold the service concept, and strive for the upper reaches of the manufacturing sector to provide quality, green, environmental protection, all kinds of printing services; readers and customers to provide creative books and art reproductions, 3D printing and green printing product service experience; for printing enterprises to provide business negotiation, trading products, results show, brand promotion of integrated services.

In order to better serve the exhibitors upstream manufacturing, printing enterprises, for the exhibition to the readers and customers provide more services and market opportunities, the current printing Week Organizing Committee in the previous, again innovation breakthrough, improve printing week the platform edge.

To "innovation, integration and development" as the theme, set the content rich activities

Strengthen technical guidance. By holding the printing enterprise wisdom factory technical application achievements and experience, the green printing blanket technology application and promotion of the theme of the forum, pay attention to the printing industry to intelligent management, high efficiency and energy saving, green environmental protection trend of transformation and development opportunities. Accelerate the integration of mining and cultivate new growth point in the printing industry. The establishment of printing electronic area will show the printed electronics technology development results, printed electronics and the theme of the forum, showing printed electronics technology development results, trends and application prospects; paper creative art exhibition area exhibited more than 470 package design, book design, creative paper products and art works, held two high level creative Design exchange forum for designers and printing and packaging companies to build docking platform to guide the replication process to the integrated creative and design services.

Important information authority issued

Around 45 planning and economic development of the new normal and industrial development trend problems, focus on the important information release. Combined with the common concern of the whole industry and comprehensive treatment of VOCs emission charges, printing enterprises pollution control and treatment technology forum held, by the industry expert interpretation of the relevant policy, inviting suppliers and printing enterprises from aspects of management and technology together to discuss countermeasures.

To create business opportunities for printing enterprises, to further expand the service functions

Print this week and 2016 Shanghai international advertising printing and packaging exhibition in the same period, with the organized. By then, from worldwide in more than 60 countries / regions of the 3, 000 printing professional buyers to visit the exhibition procurement. Is expected to attract the world's 15 million professional customers (including from 2, 000 customers from around the world more than 80 countries / regions). Organizing committee will cooperate with Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd., and guide Canton Printing Exhibition professional customers to visit the printing week, increase printing week influence, professional and participation. During the exhibition, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Iran, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Hongkong, China and Taiwan and other places, will visit the exhibition and print week, for the world's exhibitors bring a large number of Asian buyers and users.

Continuation of the "traditional" role to explore new focus

Continue to play printing week's demonstration leading role, and on this basis, further attention and explore the typical characteristics of primary and secondary innovation enterprise. Print this week, there will be the national printing demonstration enterprise focused exhibition, showcasing image of our country the main force in the printing industry, nearly a hundred home contains flexo printing enterprises, listed companies, new small and medium enterprises, the characteristics of enterprise exhibitors, from different angles show under the new economic normal printing enterprise innovation and development of a new bright spot and a new direction.