Interpretation of the 2016 "government work report from the perspective of the printing industry"

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On March 5, 2016, the fourth meeting of the second session of the National People's Congress at the Great Hall of the people the opening, Premier Li Keqiang on behalf of the State Council to the general assembly for the government work report, review 2015 China's national economic and social development, and introduce the main objectives for 45 period and worked in 2016 arrangement. At present, China's economic policy is from the importance of developing speed steering and emphasis on quality and efficiency of development, Prime Minister Lee report gives full expression to the "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing"of "five one"development philosophy. In recent days, the report versions of the interpretation of a lot. Here, we are specific to the printing industry to Look at the impact of the 2016 government work report on our work and life.

Interpretation: macroeconomic steady, establish confidence in the development of the printing industry in 2016

In the report on the work of the government, Li pointed out that the major targets for this year's economic and social development for 6.5% - 7% of GDP, consumer prices rose 3%. He stressed said, the difficulties facing the development of our country more and more and more severe challenges to do play tough full preparations. Li said, as long as to penetrate the barrier, the Chinese economy will certainly be able to rise from the ashes and create greater glories.

This is the first time will economic development goals set for an interval, to the government's macro-control to stay flexible space. British economist said, growth range may be set a much-needed structural reforms to the more tolerant stance change.GDP growth overall, a slight decline last year, set up interval is more scientific, reasonable, taking into account the actual livelihood issues. Countries for 2016. The economic development is still confident, stability and consistency of the policy for the sustained and stable development of the printing industry in 2016 laid the foundation. In Li's expression. Though we have seen "the difficulties facing the development of our country this year more Much more, the challenge is more challenging such cautionary words, but there are also "China's development has always been in response to the challenges ahead, nothing is impossible to the ridge." such an incentive.2016, printing enterprises as long as the teeth, and a breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading and innovation management, difficulty is temporary, the prospect is still promising.

Interpretation of the two: to strengthen the supply side of structural reforms, the release of the development of the printing industry

Li pointed out that to strengthen the supply side structural reform, enhance sustainable growth momentum. To solve the outstanding contradictions and problems in key areas, accelerate break the institutional obstacles, the supply side structural reforms to improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system, further stimulate the market viability and social creativity.

November 2015, Xi Jinping in the meeting of the central financial work leading group is put forward for the first time "supply side reforms. Is from the supply, production end to start, through the liberation of productive forces and enhance competitiveness and promote the economic development. Specifically, is required to clear the zombie companies, eliminate backward production capacity, will be the development direction locking emerging field, innovation and create new economic growth point. In strengthening under the situation of" supply side reforms, overcapacity in the printing industry will accelerate the clearing, low-end production capacity will be further compressed and some followed the trend of printing enterprises will live better.

China Printing Technology Association Director Wang Yanbin also mentioned in 2016 new year dedication, 2016 is the implementation of the "45" planning to start the year, is to deepen the reform of the important a year. Under the new normal overall social and economic comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development requirements higher. The printing industry to in structural reform, cultivate new kinetic energy, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the breakthrough.

Interpretation three: to further reduce the tax burden on small and micro enterprises, multi-channel financing to solve the problem of printing enterprises

Li pointed out that in 2016 to moderate expansion of the fiscal deficit, mainly used for tax cuts Jiangfei, to further reduce the burden on enterprises. Innovative way of financial expenditure, optimize the structure of fiscal expenditure, the insured must keep, the reduction must cut down.

In talking about financial reform, Li asked to speed up the reform to improve the modern financial supervision system, improve the efficiency of financial services to the real economy, to achieve full coverage of supervision and management of financial risks. Li also stressed the need to co-ordinate the use of open market operations, interest rates, reserve ratio, refinancing and other kinds of monetary policy tools, keep appropriate and sufficient liquidity, dredge conduction mechanism, reduce financing cost, strengthen to the real economy, especially small and micro enterprises, "three rural" and other support.

In 2015, the government continue to increase for small and micro enterprises and entrepreneurial innovation tax cuts Jiangfei efforts, such as the monthly sales of 2 million to 3 million yuan of small and micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households and other personal exemption of value-added tax, business tax preferential policy implementation period, at the end of the year extended to 2017. The new year the government work report can be seen, 2016 more conducive to small and micro enterprises favorable policies have been introduced, small banks and other financial institutions in a rational and orderly development in small and medium-sized printing enterprise financing difficult problem to contribute, and stock issuing registration system reform, for printing enterprises listed transactions to create More favorable conditions.