2016 China (Shanghai) International Printing Week Opening

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March 9th, 2016 China (Shanghai) International Printing week in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) 2H Museum opened the curtain.

Print the current week to "innovation, integration and development" as the theme. Exhibition area of about 2.7 million square meters, with nearly 927 booths. From 20 provinces and cities and about 194 exhibitors, including 90 national printing demonstration enterprises, 104 characteristic enterprises. Printing week showcasing the image of our country the main force in the printing industry, also from different angles show under the new economic normal printing enterprise innovation and development of a new bright spot and a new direction.

Opening ceremony of China (Shanghai) International Printing week in 2016

2016 Shanghai printing week 9:00 in the morning officially opened. The State Press and Publication Administration and the Shanghai municipal government, Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau, China Printing Technology Association and the provinces (area, city press and Publication Bureau of radio, film and television and the Shanghai Donghao Lansheng international service trade (Group) Co., Ltd., unit leaders attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony by the Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau, Xu Jiong presided over.

State Press and Publication Administration of radio, film and television, print issue of secretary, China Printing Technology Association Director Wang Yanbin delivered a speech, she pointed out this year\\\'s Shanghai International Printing week focusing mainly on the green, digital, intelligent, fusion development direction, showing material control and management technology of green environmental protection material and waste dyeing, promotion of digitization, networking and personalized business model, scheme of the construction and transformation of the wisdom of the factories, promote printing and innovative design, electronic technology deepening integration.

State Press and Publication Administration of radio, print and distribution Secretary Wang Yanbin

Wang Yanbin stressed that to further play a leading role in the national printing demonstration enterprises, pay more attention to the innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises of the typical mining. Through the organization of The Belt and Road along the country's professional visitors come to the exhibition, for China printing industry going to create more business opportunities.