How to do big data era of packaging and printing enterprises ?

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The arrival of the era of big data can provide a scientific basis for decision making to our business, then we as packaging printing enterprises have what data needs attention and need to statistics, need to analyze it. As early as two years ago, big data have already been put out, why in this time has been proposed, everything is there for a reason, with the slowdown in the pace of social economy, all walks of life and management difficulties and intensifying, various production value added output continued to decline in the trend of increasingly prominent. Present situation of national and even global industry big reshuffle under, people can not help but to adjust their thinking, historical reflection. This behavior Slowing release is not only the economic law of economic and social progress and development of the necessary. Throughout the country nearly 40 years of development history, from the early days of extensive, national rapid development, to nearly 20 years to gradually rational house to in recent years to industry survival of the fittest big reshuffle, which is a historical development of the inevitable rule. In the past two years with closures rumbling, take a look at the piece down enterprise miserable scene, natural society inevitably to give people a warning, all this is why, all this should be how to install all spent all of this problem should be how to reasonably and effectively resolved, with the String of question marks. How can we come up with the right answer, in order to solve these problems, it is only through data collection, and then through the analysis of data, by calculation of the data, eventually you can rationally, scientifically, rationally, accurately get the correct answer and problem solving approach.

For printing and packing up, we should how to face the era of big data, how to get the data, how can the big data analysis to finally get the answers they need it, the first look at our packaging and printing industry these years experienced what, what is the biggest problem currently facing, with the question mark, a step by step unfolding industry experience, open their record the process, gradually analyze yourself from the business process and business strategy, through in-depth, meticulous, huge data to reasonably and scientifically analyze the company\\\'s past, to modify the current survival of future business decisions and development Path for correction and determination.

Especially the guarantee and how this is close to the freezing point, so the packaging and printing industry is the most influential, the most headache problem is what, in fact, the main problem is only one, that is the output of the value added in a step by step to. From 2015 national printing enterprises hundred performance we can see that the package class enterprise overall profit rate at 5-6%. The annual turnover of 100 million yuan, the profit but also 5-6 hundred yuan, net profit, to say. Then those small and medium-sized packaging and printing enterprise, not because of their source of customers is not stable. So, how to increase the output of the added value is the packaging printing enterprises It is an important prerequisite for offset printing corrugated packaging enterprises need to actively face, seriously sum up, correct analysis, rational decision-making.

The era of big data for packaging and printing industry need what data, and you can those statistics data. Years ago western countries summarizes the enterprise of IE, the IE is to give results of statistical data to make conclusions. More than simple shop IE project scope to a wide range of today\\\'s big data. Because data is not only own the enterprise statistics and the industry at home and abroad and the upstream and downstream industry industry data. Therefore, it is said the data if the statistics down but a very large database, but then again, not the data The existence of the library, may really has ever been able to persuade you to change you for so many years has always insisted on the point of view, thinking, habits, style and decision-making basis. Therefore, only through the data statistics can change your brain, improve the enterprise\\\'s future, improvement of industry.

Today, the primary problem facing the packaging and printing industry is how to improve the added value of output, in order to increase the added value will have the following basic conditions:

1 profit margin;

2 production costs;

3 operating costs;

4 cost of sales;

5 financial costs.

Based on these 5 basic premise of the data analysis, you will find that the front of the natural highlights, found that exports, to find a reasonable path.