Network printing industry footsteps did not keep up with the times of a bug

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If up from an overall evaluation, network printing is now perhaps can only be considered a "1.0" version of the early, looks very beautiful, only the actual input"dance with", keenly aware of in order to hide the bug brought embarrassment and difficulties, it may is a trap may have defects that may exist loopholes and all the meaning contained in the word bug can almost in this early version of "search to figure. Only a cavity blood never solve any problem, all sorts of grandiose self proclaimed cannot dilute practitioners quiet room introspection of melancholy. As China the first a group involved in the internet printing, we are most fortunate also It is a "small" trial and error in price for road light.

Chairman Zhang Hongbo India world network technology Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Hongbo India world network technology Co. Ltd.

Intermediate link popularity, standing business point of view, the Internet economy has shown the debris, to the middle, sharing trend in some industries and individual areas of the completion of the re shuffle. The Internet means that producers and terminal consumers become the norm, which is why the Internet will become a kind of commercial new thinking, new mode, rather than like a telephone call, the phone of the invention only was designated as a new application of tool reason. "To the center" in many areas has been successful, and in the printing field, despite the "electronic commerce" banner has be lifted up over the years, however, for the customer base is still mostly stay in the printing business Or unit group procurement, which is what we usually call the category of B customers, from this point of view, the current network printing, but also can not be called the true sense of the electricity supplier.

There is no doubt that, although China printing business in the development of early has been able to see a hundred schools of thought contend, flourishing multi mode of operations to explore state. However, generally speaking, B2B is still the mainstream of the field of contemporary Chinese network printing. It can be regarded as stage results, covering the self-service quotation, online communication, online design, online orders, online payment, order management, membership management, ERP production management, logistics management, and other printing in the vast majority of link is a product of combination of Internet and traditional printing enterprises become a set of services to printed in the upper reaches of the enterprise, such as advertising company, graphic shop, printing plate business or with large Medium procurement capacity of the group units, such as the overall network printing solutions.

Such as cut from the business printing "sun screen printing" "cloud printing" and we "print world" to carry out the current is platform operators, have relatively stable B end customer resources (including printing middlemen and group purchasing unit), also on the supply chain also have phase when the ability to control.

For example, from the field of design resources into a picture and eight quit printing, they have the background of the Internet business, has a wealth of designer resources, to help customers solve design problems to the printing business.

Such as through the packaging field cut "torn" "E box seal", the founder of the former engaged in Internet industry after years of cross-border venture, also have the spirit of the product development geeks, packaging carton achieve the ultimate experience, in a short period of time will have the good customer account monument. The latter will cost control to the extreme, quickly reached the market, grab market share.