Analysis of the present situation and Prospect of inkjet printing on a large scale

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Large format inkjet printing technology is developing with each passing day, it is not difficult to find that, with the progress of the industry, more and more practitioners began to enter the field, the market competition is increasingly fierce. How to survive in such a market environment, and better development, has become chief problem of troubled companies.

Ink jet printing technology by virtue of its good printing quality, short delivery cycle, wide adaptability of printer materials, from the day of its birth, much attention has been paid to the. And for large format inkjet printing is because of its widely used in all walks of life, has become the focus. In order to better understand the large format inkjet printing technology and market, we have honored to invite the EFI global vice president Frank Mallozzi, Agfa graphics Asia Industrial inkjet sales director Li Genxiang, Epson (China) Co., Ltd. LFP business department business manager Liang Jian, song Rui, multiple printing machinery Co., Ltd. Sales Director, together for everyone to resolve large format inkjet print Technology status, and then explore the new blue ocean market.

Market matures, the potential is huge

Inkjet printing technology in China has been developing for more than ten years, in the last ten years, a surface of inkjet printing market also occurred in the great changes, not only the performance of the products has been greatly improved and the types and application is more and more widely.

As is known to all, a surface of inkjet printing technology matures in the advertising industry application. With the development of economy, the growth of advertising industry never stops. Large format inkjet printer is also made rapid progress. But comparing with the foreign market, especially in Europe and America and other developed regions, we can still see no small gap. Because of the comprehensive national strength, consumption concept, market mature degree and policy in many aspects, development of new technology in the domestic will have a certain lag. For example, have been widely used abroad to green environment-friendly water-based and UV inks, and the use of a wide range of domestic is solvent based inks. Although the solvent type ink costs low, but in environmental protection Is not up to the requirements of the foreign market, which for the export products of enterprises, is a big obstacle, is worth looking forward to, with the gradual improvement of national policy, and user for environmental awareness gradually deepened, more advanced environmental protection technology and products application in domestic market will more widely, the gap with foreign countries will gradually reduced.

And compared to the foreign market, at present domestic large format inkjet printing in building materials, products, packaging and other fields have certain advantages. Factors due to the abundant raw materials, low labor costs, China always plays the role of world factory. Therefore, China in building materials, packaging etc. industry market is huge. These areas for large format inkjet printing applications is very extensive, if we can solve the problem of environmental protection and strive for more overseas business, I believe the market will expand, the application advantage in this field will be further strengthened.

In the view of Li Genxiang and the development of domestic large format inkjet print very quickly, now has formed a very mature market, and its potential and development space is still very great, through the joint efforts of everyone, will be able to achieve higher realm, to achieve better results. But the market competition is increasingly fierce, profits are lower.

And song Rui says, with inkjet technology matures, a surface of inkjet printing technology quickly in global popularity, to China's Inkjet market injected new vitality. But we should also pay attention to, some technologies, such as 5 meters super wide UV inkjet technology, in domestic application is still not very mature, and foreign exist a certain gap.

For China's large format inkjet printer market, Michael said, because of the influence of concept, the environment and many other factors, China's large format inkjet print compared to foreign some lag.Drupa2008, digital technology has been more mature, many equipment suppliers are already able to provide advanced technology and equipment, then foreign advertising label market has been accepted for large format inkjet technology, but from the point of view of the domestic installed capacity, does not seem to be quickly accepted.

No matter in which field, the Chinese market will always with unlimited potential, huge market, the words are linked together, we are concerned with the large format inkjet printing market is no exception. Therefore, we see the development and maturity of the domestic large format inkjet printing market, application wide can be like place at the same time, more attention should be paid to the market there is great room for development. We believe, there is a market there is competition, there is competition development, large format inkjet printer market will of China will be entered a new phase of a healthy and rapid development.

Technology development, changing with each passing day

In recent years, ink jet printing technology development speed is quite fast, in the printing speed, from initial per hour more than ten square meters, up to now can already achieve per hour more than 100 square meters; in printing precision, has been upgraded to 600dpi, even higher. However, song Rui think, although these positive factors, we still should see the, a surface ink-jet printing some of the key technology is monopolized by foreign countries, such as inkjet print head technology, these technologies has mastered in the hands of Japan and the United States and other developed countries, in some degree, but also affect the development of the domestic market.

Li Genxiang is from another angle for us the way: "simply put, the imaging principle of ink-jet technology is a large number of ink accumulations. Therefore, in order to the image effect is better, higher precision, the only way is to reduce each ink droplet volume. And if doing so, negative effect is and the speed of production reduced. That is, accuracy and speed was inversely proportional to the relationship."

At present, equipment suppliers due to the different development strategy and the focus of the market, the equipment for balancing speed and accuracy is also different. Some suppliers will give priority to the printing precision, in ensuring the accuracy of, gradually increase the speed of production; and some suppliers comparison speed, in determining the speed advantage, to improve the accuracy of the printing device. No matter what kind of way, we can see large inkjet technology continues to develop, the major suppliers also continued to force, to meet the higher requirements of the customers.

Liang Jian analysis that: "in the final analysis, we can simply understand equipment to ensure printing precision, ink to ensure that the printing quality. Now in these two aspects, popular on the market of technology have their pros and cons, but no matter what kind of technology and development there is still space, precision printing equipment can be further improved, and the imaging quality of the ink, can also do better, and more environmentally friendly."

We is not difficult to find, now large format inkjet printing technology, whether it is equipment or supplies, is in rapid progress, the rapid development. This is a good phenomenon, constantly updated technology in a large extent to promote market growth. Therefore, market prospects for the large format inkjet printing, we should have greater confidence in.