Green printing is the responsibility of the mission

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Since September 2010, the former State Press and Publication Administration and the environmental protection department signed < implementation green printing strategic cooperation agreement > since, our country green printing work into the fast track of development. Today, after 5 years to actively promote, green printing concept enjoys popular support, standard system gradually perfect, the implementation of expanding the field, detection capabilities continue to improve, green printing market Daobi mechanism initially formed. Here, let us review together in the five years to green printing to achieve results, considering the current green printing face problems, thinking about the future development of the road green printing.

Looking back on 5 years of fruitful

5 years, printed promote green industry restructuring and upgrading is duty bound not to turn back, from 2010 green printing works start to 2014 autumn all primary and secondary school textbooks to realize green printing, in just four years, outstanding achievements. According to <2015 green printing results report > display, by 2015, China implemented green printing results are mainly embodied in the following four aspects.

(1) the implementation of green printing for the printing industry to promote the construction of ecological civilization laid the foundation. As of November 2015, through the green printing certification of printing enterprises has reached 925, paper of environmental protection, environmental protection plate, environmental protection printing ink, etc. 8 green printing raw and auxiliary materials suppliers have reached 88, obtained China's conformity assessment of National Accreditation Committee (CNAs) qualification of green printing inspection agency has reached 20, green printing industry chain, the basic building. At the same time, state press and publishing administration of radio, film and television promulgated and implemented the four green printing industry standard. Countries and printing industry clean production evaluation index system is preparing , there are nearly 200 printing enterprises through the clean production audits throughout the country.

(2) the implementation of green printing to accelerate the enterprise 's green, digital and intelligent transformation. According to statistics, the green printing certification number of enterprises accounted for only 1% of the number of printing enterprises, but its output has accounted for about 15% of the total output value of the printing enterprise; CTP installed capacity has more than 1 million units, CTP plate sales volume has accounted for offset plate total sales of 70%. Printing the digital transformation of enterprises to flourish, wide format digital printing equipment annual installed volume of more than 1000 sets; Hao Amatsu Nagaeiken cloud Printing Technology Co., Ltd. to build based on "the Internet" cloud printing platform, recognition and cooperation; all on-demand Digital printing technology is widely used, has by the print extended to textile, building materials, and other fields. Printing enterprise intelligent transformation began to explore, material handling, post press binding robot more than 50 units have been in printing enterprises put into use; the country has 5 printing enterprises began to start construction of "wisdom factories"; Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd established a cloud service platform for remote diagnosis equipment proposed "wisdom factories" system solution framework.

(3) the implementation of the green printing to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. According to statistical sampling of the country more than 40 large flexible packaging printing enterprises, their operating income accounted for about 5% of China's flexible packaging printing business income, through the implementation of green printing, 10% of the enterprises by the environmental protection printing ink, 16% of the enterprises by the solvent free composite process, 20% of the enterprises have been or are being installed VOCs recovery and recycling device. These environmental initiatives, making their VOCs emissions decreased by about 33%.